Do you have trouble setting boundaries?

I sure do, and I'd love some help!

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You frequently put others needs ahead of your own, without getting anything in return
  • You bend over backwards for other people, but aren’t appreciated for it
  • You have a hard time asserting yourself and asking for what you want
  • You experience emotional overwhelm more often than you’d like to admit
  • You avoid difficult conversations and would rather “keep the peace” than saying what you need
  • You hold on to relationships and/or friendships that make you unhappy
  • You commit to things that you don’t have the time, energy, or desire for, leaving you frequently exhausted
  • You have trouble standing up for yourself when you feel you’re being mistreated
  • You seek approval from others by saying yes to thing you don’t want to do or being agreeable even if it’s against your beliefs
  • You’re frequently upset because other people don’t anticipate your needs without you telling them

Now take a deep breath,
and just imagine...

Having your
needs met...
while improving
your relationships...
and finally living life the way YOU want!

This IS possible. I promise!

If you complete this course as recommended...

  • You’ll feel more calm and relaxed.
  • You’ll learn how to be clear and direct while still being kind and graceful.
  • You’ll become a healthy example for everyone you come into contact with.
  • You’ll have more time for fun and enjoyment.
  • Your relationships will get stronger.
  • You’ll develop leadership skills that will help you in all areas of your life!

Better With Boundaries

The self-paced program that teaches you how set drama-less boundaries with ease.

What you'll find inside:

The course includes 7 modules of video trainings you can watch at your own pace:

Module 1

Learn how to create a better connection with yourself and build your self-worth. Understand that you deserve to have your needs met.

Module 2

Develop confidence so you can stand up for yourself in a way that is authentic to you while remaining kind to those you love.

Module 3

Take a deep dive into your values. Determine what they are so guide you when making decisions about what’s important to you.

Module 4

Conduct an energy audit. Discover where you’re spending your energy, and also learn what creates more energy for you.

Module 5

Evaluate the tasks that hold you back on a regular basis, along with the calendar items that make you cringe. Explore options and prioritize more effectively.

Module 6

Learn how to start saying no. Learn how to have tough conversations. Work on developing your skills and getting more comfortable with it.

Module 7

High level boundary setting with grace and kindness. Vulnerability and inner strength meet up to create a life bursting with empowerment and creation.


Worksheets, Guides, Exercises, and Journal Prompts

Extra tools, questions, and thought-generating ideas to review during the modules, and after you’re finished for continued integration. Use these resources as needed to help you explore new concepts and learn more about yourself.

All of this is available to you with


Enroll today and get the following bonuses:

The option to schedule 2, 30 minute individual coaching sessions within 90 days of purchase

Membership to the Better With Boundaries online community for extra support

By now you're probably wondering what the investment is for a program as extensive as this.
I'm happy to share that everything you just read above is available to you for only...


Yep, that's right. And that's not an ongoing fee.
You pay this amount, one time, and get all of this for your LIFETIME.
There's no question, where do I sign up??

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